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With duct burners in particular, the flow  conditions before the burner are important for the most even temperature  distribution possible after the burner and for low flue gas levels.

(Fig. 1) Open Innovation
(Fig. 1)

The structural design of centrifugal fans that are  commercially available leads to inhomogeneous speed distribution on the  blower’s outlet connection (Fig. 1).

(Fig. 2) Open Innovation
(Fig. 2)

The relatively large angle of opening of the  transition piece also leads to separation phenomena (Fig. 2).

(Fig. 3) Open Innovation
(Fig. 3)

After the burner there is inhomogeneous speed distribution (Fig. 3).

(Fig. 4) Open Innovation
(Fig. 4)

The inflow can be improved by structural measures.  This will even out the flow situation at the burner and significantly  improve temperature distribution after the burner as well as the flue gaslevels (Fig. 4).