ET Seibold
design, engineering, manufacturing, on-site service and spare parts delivery, commissioning, modernization

EnergieTechnik GmbH Seibold + Partner

For more than 30 years, we supply burner systems for industrial applications all over the world. Our specialists have vast expertise on the field of process engineering and guarantee up-to-date technical knowledge as well as superior quality and reliability of our products.

We offer engineering work for combustion systems and for applications in the process engineering industry as well as solutions for associated problems. This includes layout, delivery and commissioning of complete industrial burner plants e.g. for various direct or indirect drying processes, thermal fume incineration and catalytic fume incineration, and direct boiler heating.

We deliver burner plants for world-wide applications for power plants and for waste incineration, as well as for applications in the automotive, chemical or construction industry. Apart from standard utilizations of natural gas and light oil, we are experienced in the use of biogases, digester gases, high calorific gases and heavy oil as well combined gas/oil operation. In addition, we deliver burner plants for hazardous areas and according to US standards. For deliveries to the Russian Federation, we are able to supply GOST-TR certificates.